Our company was established in the year 2003. Up to 2011 the company’s core activity was sale and installation of biological wastewater treatment systems and purification technologies. Keeping up with technology progress and Latvia’s willingness to be a green country (now we are in the top ten) we decided also to offer alternative energy equipment, simultaneously with an existing one. Human freedom can be expressed as independence of public utility services and caprices of nature. There are two ways to cooperate with the nature: - by being able to take what she gives; - by honestly giving back the resources used. Therefore, we are offering, unprecedented in Latvia, type of wind turbines, solar and wind power generation systems for private houses, schools, hospitals, offices. For municipalities an interesting solution for streets lighting could be a new generation of intelligent street lighting lanterns, powered by solar and wind energy. By using these products we can become independent on electricity suppliers and save money. We would like to introduce you with a new qualitative drinking water generation system - air-water generator. It produces pure drinking water from air in the room. We continue to offer NAI technologies which purify waste water and give back to the environment so that it would be sufficient also for future generations. Are interested in? Welcome to our website!